Whether it's Same-Day or Overnight delivery utilizing our courier expertise, Express-It Company Inc. Delivers.

If you are in need of a large shipment or even a small package delivery, you can depend on Express-It's 34 plus years of experience to "get the job done".

Express-It Company Inc. is a delivery company with unparalleled flexibility on both pricing and services offered. Our highly trained delivery drivers are extremely reliable and can meet the most demanding requirements for Same-Day and Overnight deliveries.

If you have shipping needs, Express-It Company Inc. delivers a solution. Regardless of size or final destination, Express-It understands how important fast, efficient, error-free service is to you. We are confident you will be pleased with our diligence.

Express-It has one principal goal, and that is to solve all of your businesses expedited transportation needs. We specialize in a multitude of delivery processes, same-day and overnight delivery.

Always Dependable
Since our first delivery, we have focused on providing the most reliable service you will find at a price you deserve, for all your same-day and overnight shipping needs. Our reliability goes beyond delivering your package safely and on time. We meet the most demanding requirements for same-day and overnight service regardless of the item or size. Our trained staff of professionals will find the best possible solution for your needs.

Delivering Peace of Mind
We give you honest answers. Our entire staff represents your company every time we make a delivery. Expand your company's hard earned reputation with our performance and professionalism.