I ordered a new spa cover from Aqua Spa in Phoenix and chose to have it delivered to my home. First of all, I was pleasantly pleased to receive it so quickly, and secondly the delivery person Ernie with Express-It was a delight. Ernie was professional, courteous, and very pleasant. 


 Wanted to take a minute to thank you and your Express-It team for the excellent service you continually provide to Hagemeyer, and our Customers.

Although, and thank goodness, emergency requests are few and far between, today Hagemeyer was faced with a situation that Express-It was able to help us out of, with very little notification.

The emergency assistance is greatly appreciated, but beyond that, Express-It's service is, and has always been exceptional and known of as a "Company we can depend on"!

Most of our schedules are coordinated by either Rodrigo Vazquez or Lucky Urbano at our Tucson location, through your Terminal Manager, Lisa, who is extremely accommodating to our requests.

I have also been notified by Customers as to the professional drivers delivering to their locations.

Hagemeyer appreciates all you and your team do, and will continue working with Express-It whenever possible, because of the service you provide.

Thank you. 

Mike Rhoades

Area Operations Manager III

 Express-It always bailed me out at the last minute.
I love dealing with the Phoenix office as they always come through for me.